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About The Author

Paul Adcock is an author, aphrodisiac aficionado, and sexual super-food supplement scholar. Paul's interests include the following subjects as they relate to sexual function and sexuality: psychology, theology, philosophy, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology and metaphysics. Paul is especially interested in how sexual energy can be used for rejuvenation rather than just procreation and/or recreation.

The Adcock Pledge of Authentic Authorship:

The author, Paul Adcock, solemnly swears that all his writing is intended to be in the best interest of the individual. The author has no agenda. Nor does he have any financial affiliations or alliances with any companies or products that may be mentioned in any of his content and no revenue for any recommendations is ever accepted.

Furthermore, all his research investigations are completely independent. The author has not been indoctrinated by any academic institution, therefore follows no institutional ideology. The author has not been ordained to profess the official orthodoxy of any organization. The author is not professing the "party line" of any "priesthood" of professionals, therefore, he is not disseminating the dogmatic doctrine of any discipline.

Because the author owes no allegiance to any authority other than the truth, and the author's ideas are not based on a state-sanctioned system of belief, the author claims no authority. The author is exercising the freedom of the second amendment of U.S. constitution, free speech, in order to express experiences and life-experiments that are intended to empower the individual for a more ecstatic life experience.

The author's intention is to illuminate the intellect, inspire the imagination, and help invoke the readers own innate intelligence so that one can better integrate one's own inner truth. It is the author's sincere hope that the ideas presented will help inform the reader in order to empower his or her own inner authority, so that the reader can determine the direction of his or her destiny.

The author's research is thoroughly referenced as a resource for the reader so that one can verify the accuracy of any information one chooses. That being said, all responsibility for the use or misuse of any and all information imparted by the author rests on the reader. The author hopes his work will assist one with reclaiming one's own responsibility so that one can play the role of author in one's own life!

The Author's Inspiration for Writing "Jungle King Secrets"

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1979, the author grew up in what he perceived to be a sex-soaked society. The author found it ironic, though, that despite the cultural infatuation with sex, the level of sexual ignorance made it impossible for even the most intensely ignited sexual impulses to transmute into sublime sexual satisfaction. Puzzled by this paradox, the author turned to modern mainstream sexologists for answers, but felt they left the full effects of erotic (sexual) energy on one's being an enormous enigma. This led the author to take it upon himself to shed some intellectual illumination on the subject through independent investigation. Delving deep into diverse fields such as neurochemistry, spiritual sexology, psychoneuroimmunology, holistic medicine, biochemistry, etc., the author attempted to uncover a unique understanding of sexual pleasure, its profound pull on the human psyche and its potential in "Jungle King Secrets, A Libido-Liberating Lifestyle for Superior Sexual Satisfaction."

The author is currently conducting research, looking forward to discovering many more findings that allow lovers to enjoy the drug known as sex without the soul-corrupting side effects associated with hard drugs and other synthetic shortcuts to happiness. He is currently conducting research fulltime for his next book "Secrets of Passion."

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Paul Adcock


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Paul Adcock
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Redford Mi. 48240

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