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Libido Liberation Blog & Link Library

Covert Chemical Castration:

Love & Libido Liberation

    Libido Liberation is described as the ability to enjoy the experience of extended ecstasy during erotic love expression. The libido liberating lifestyle proactively promotes penile erection power, and helps prevent premature ejaculation for libido and a love-life that lasts a lifetime.

    Penis Hardness & Women's
    Sexual Orgasms Chart

    Diagram of all three female
    "orgasmic trigger zones".

    Another Diagram of the Orgasm 'G Spot'

    A diagram of a good angle for sexual
    Penetration that is stimulating to the
    women yet good for male ejaculation

    Sexual Chi-Gong: a strategy for
    superior sexual stamina

    A Living Legend of the Jungle King Lineage

    The libido-liberating lifestyle was created by combining a wisdom that spans back to the mists of pre-history with solid modern scientific studies.

    Now, Master Tu, a living legend of the linage (wisdom tradition) of the ancient Jungle King masters provides proof positive the potency of harmonizing with, and harnessing nature's primal power. Click the links below to see and hear this infinitely inspiring icon demonstrate the bedroom implications of natural invigoration.

    Warning: the practice of iron penis Qi Gong (as shown below) is not part of the libido-liberating lifestyle outlined in "Jungle King Secrets", and should never be practiced without the guidance of a qualified master.

    A Living Legend of The Jungle King Linage On The BBC (above)

    Iron Crotch Truck Pull (On YouTube)

    Bigger Longer Harder!

    Iron Crotch Plane Tow 2006

    Iron Crotch Truck Pull

    Martial Arts: Iron Anatomy #2 - Iron Crotch

    Master Tu's Student Doing An Iron Crotch Demo

    Another Iron Crotch Demo

    Iron Crotch.com (Master Tu's website)

    Mastertu.com (Master Tu's other website)

    Prostate Health

    "Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery"

    If You Are Man, You're Born with a Problem Waiting to Happen

    Premature Ejaculation Caused By Prostate Problems

    Don't Wait Until You Get Prostate Cancer

    Prostate Health Articles by Dr. Al Sears

    Miracle Prostate Exercise

    (Preventing Prostate Problems) Beating the Man's Disease

    Preventing Prostate Cancer

    Sunlight and Prostate Cancer

    Bicycle Seats Can Cause Men Serious Sexual Problems

    Beer and your prostate

    The Key To a Healthy Prostate (PDF)

    Lessons In Legendary Lovemaking

    How can I give her sexual orgasm without ejaculation?


    Sexual Qi Gong for her

    The Clitoris During Intercourse by catherine yronwode

    Sexual Qi Gong

    Premature Ejaculation - Causes and Solutions

    Sexual Qi Gong for her

    Dr. Lin's Breathing technique for ejaculation control:

    Dr. Lin's Breating method for ejaculation control (diagram):

    Taoist / Tantric Sexual Wisdom

    Articles about Sexuality from 4 freedoms Tantra

    White Lotus East Tantric info site

    A Tantric Masters thoughts on pornography and the brain

    Sacred Sex articles

    The male deer exercise

    Orgasmic Hypnosis

    Sexual Energy As An Elixir

    Sexual Secrets of China's Female Consorts and Taoists (PDF File)

    KAREZZA TECHNIQUES by catherine yronwode

    Male Control of Ejaculation by catherine yronwode

    Tao of Revitalization: Exercises for Self Healing

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