The Philosophical-Paradigm of Potency:
"Jungle King Secrets" is based on the premise that potency can be promoted and proactively protected with the love and libido-liberating lifestyle. This lifestyle is comprised of three parts: nutrient supplementation, dietary modulation, and energy cultivation (exercise). Ultimately, these three elements are one: harmonizing with the life process. The love and libido-liberating lifestyle can be summarized as "better living through better living." The heights of health and happiness that can be achieved through a natural, harmonious lifestyle are limitless.

Conversely, the every-day pollutants and toxic lifestyle choices that are disharmonious with the life process are implicated in almost every instance of impotence. Partaking in the problematic paradigm of the past can be summarized as "better living through chemistry" or the "synthetic belief system," and the potential for the libido to sink lower and lower is limitless as well.

The ancient Taoist "Jungle King" masters were observers of the organic life process, masters of the mind, scientists of the human spirit in the laboratory of life. They devised solid sexual solutions based on their infinite wisdom and universal understanding of the sacred structure and organic order of life.

This definitive guide to the lifestyle paradigm of potency is based on the Jungle King's methodology of harmonizing with the life process and avoiding all the adulterated, artificial abominations which are disharmonious to life and therefore cause diseases, such as erectile dysfunction.

Liberate Your Libido With The Literally Limitless Potential Within The Lifestyle Paradigm of Potency!

Is this E-Book for You?
If you are looking for a a magic potency pill to pop, or a destructive penis-enlargement device, this program is not for you. This program is for those who wish to study scholarly knowledge on lifestyles that make one longer, habits that make one harder, and practices that make one more potent. As this is a genuine program that increases one's stamina, erection endurance, sexual performance, and passion, this program is for men of discipline, dedication, and determination.

Please do not proceed unless you are prepared for a wild, raw, "unpasteurized," and "non-politically correct" look at sexual health and energy based on the philosophical paradigm of the ancient Taoist "Jungle King" Masters. If you are not ready for a "no- holds barred" look at the true causes of potency and impotency regardless of whose feelings become hurt, or whose dogma becomes defrauded, please do not learn the secrets of Taoist sexology and potent lifestyle methodology.

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