Dear Reader,

I spent the last two years of my life researching a lifestyle paradigm that would bestow love and libido liberation. I sought out the secrets of passion that can light up a couples love-life, bestow the most sublime states of sexual satisfaction and endlessly elevate levels of erotic love expression that erupts in ecstasy. I found that these are the same health habits that make a man's "love tool" longer and harder, and these very same practices make one more potent.

It took thousands of hours of study searching for the solid sexual solutions that would bestow these blessings, but I have finally found it.

Cultivating one's "love tool" as well as enhancing erotic love expression that erupts in ecstasy requires a simple lifestyle paradigm shift.

I devised the love and libido liberating lifestyle, the panacea of literally limitless potency.

Now everyone can "Throw that Little, Libido-in-a-Bottle Away! Make Libido-in-a-Lifestyle the Order of the Day!"

This lifestyle paradigm protects and promotes the health of the body's intricate and interconnected sexual support systems. It strengthens and rejuvenates all the systems vital to virility.

There are three componants to the lifestyle of love and libido liberation:

Dietary Modulation, Nutrient Supplementation, and Energy Cultivation.

Nutrient supplementation regards sexual nutrition: Obtaining all the essential elements of the earth, (vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc.) in their most potent and vital state ensures that the body can function at its peak performance level.

Dietary modulation, entails avoiding all the anti-potency, sex-busting substances prevalent in our food, medicine, and personal-care products that undeniably lower the libido by degrading one or more of the sexual support systems.

Energy cultivation, also referred to as "Qi Gong," consists of potency-power practices, many of which can be practiced in the bedroom during lovemaking!

The rewarding result of the health habits and wisdom outlined in this book are potency invigoration and ecstasy elevation. The male sexual mastery secrets contained in this book also bestow increased sexual skill for legendary lovemaking.

An Authentic "Jungle King" Authority:

Soon after I started researching, I began to realize that in order to help vitalize readers' virility the way I intended, I would need to draw from a considerably more potent philosophical paradigm than from any current concepts. Therefore, this book is a crossbreed of the most modern scientific research along with the infinite insight and universal understanding of a wisdom tradition that dates back to the mists of prehistory, that of the Taoist "Jungle King" masters.

The Taoist "Jungle King" masters were/are observers of the organic life process, masters of the mind, and scientists of the human spirit in the laboratory of life. They studied the sacred structure and organic order of creation.

Their intensely introspective lifestyle allowed them to awaken the innate wisdom, intuition, and inventive genius that lies deep but often dormant within every human. They applied this wisdom to sexology as well as to disparate other aspects of life and human existence such as health, happiness (spiritual elevation).

The essence of the lifestyle paradigm of potency practiced by all "Jungle Kings" is natural harmony with the life process, which leads to the healthy liberation of the libido. Disharmony with the life process in any form of artificial adulteration or abomination will eventually deprive one of all sexual strength, power, and prowess, effectively leading to castration.

The Perks of Partaking of the Lifestyle Paradigm of Potency:

Maintaining the potency to erotically express human love passionately is one of the greatest gifts in life. The advantages of adhering to the paradigm of potency are a longer, larger, love life, a larger, longer, "love tool," and endless enhancement of one's life experience and love expression.

The Potential Power Within the Paradigm of Potency:

The video clips below illustrate the potential power within the paradigm of potency detailed in "Jungle King Secrets."

The segments feature Master Tu, a living legend of the Taoist "Jungle King" lineage proving that harmony with the sacred structure and organic order of life is the only way to achieve the prowess of a sexual super-hero.


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Note: The practice of hanging weights from one's genitals is not included in this book because it is dangerous and requires personal instruction from a qualified professional. However, this book reveals all the other secrets of Taoist Sexology applied to our contemporary civilization in light of modern science!

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